Thursday, July 24, 2014

Farewell Melvin Powers, Thank You

Melvin Powers of The Wilshire Book Company passed in 2013.  He was an author, a publisher, an inspiration and much more.

The stories of him being a personally available hands on man at his company and in life are true.  I know because I had my own experience.  At his company website, there is a link for those who wish to write of their experience with the great publisher.  The following is what I wrote.
About 15 years ago I wrote to Melvin Powers seeking a particular copy of The Magic In Your Mind by U.S. Andersen.  The particular copy I sought was the one with the red cover.

During this time I was ill, although I did not mention it, and spent much time reading and writing, and trying to get well.

Melvin Powers wrote back and sold me a copy with the red cover for the price of $7.00.  The price was higher at the time, but that was the price printed on this older covered version.

As well he sent me a free copy of The Knight In Rusty Armor by Robert Fisher.

I was really delighted to have received that generosity and personal communication with Melvin Powers, the man at the top.  I sent him a letter telling him so, and thanking him.

Long since then I have become well, and even entered writing and publishing myself.

Sadness, tempered with an unbelievably great memory is how I feel upon learning of the passing of the great Melvin Powers.

As well I would like to mention that his book Dynamic Thinking was a very helpful and powerful influence to me.

I wish that it was possible to say hello to him in person, today, and thank him again.

Farewell Melvin, and thank you for being an inspiration.

Stephen R. Winter

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  1. I too was saddened at learning that Melvin Powers had passed away. Somehow you think that the people we admire will live forever,but they don't. We were fortunate enough to have him as long as we did. God bless Melvin Powers.